Geoff Sumich - Principle Designer

Straight out of Architecture School at the age of 24 I moved to Southern California and started up my practice in Orange County. The first 10 years of my practice were spent designing traditional homes which gave me the experience I now incorporate into my unique style of design. A modernist by nature, I am known for a style that references and incorporates elements from the past while celebrating the simplicity and minimalism of Modern Design which I call "Romantic Modernism." Incorporating materials such as wood, stone, steel, and glass, my approach brings a timeless essence to my designs that only gets better with age. From hand selecting materials to on site direction of the stone masons my passion for design and execution of the design is the cornerstone of each projects success.

Scott Rosenbaum - Project Architect

My path to a career in architecture began early during countless hours spent creating Lego structures and cities as a boy growing up. Today I am enjoying reliving those times building Legos again with my three sons. After graduating from architecture school at University of California at Berkeley, I moved to southern California from my home town of Seattle. In my work, I have combined the traditional methods of hand drawn sketches and the latest in computer modeling in order to achieve the best possible project outcomes. I am a licensed architect registered in the state of California.

Anna Nguyen - Project Manager

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, my passion for architecture began at a community college. One of my professors at the time convinced me to make the switch to architecture early in my college career. With my AA in architecture I decided to move to San Diego to continue my education at the New School of Architecture and Design. With my passion for the design field growing more and more I found myself becoming more inspired by Interior Architecture. It was then, that I decided to move up to Orange County to pursue my degree in Interior Design. Today, I oversee and manage the production of all projects and continue to utilize and sharpen my skills in 3D Software.