Sustainability & Green Design

I am currently working on multiple homes incorporating cutting edge green technologies for sustainability. A recently completed house I have designed in irvine cove employs motorized exterior louvres that track the suns trajectory to reduce solar heat gain and dramatically reduce energy consumption from the air conditioning system. The house structure itself, is made entirely from recycled steel and "fiber strand" (a wood product that utilizes all parts of the tree.)

Another house I'm designing is for a Chinese businessman whose occupation in China involves reducing carbon emissions throughout industry in China. He has asked me to design him a house here in California that incorporates the latest technologies and most advanced systems available today. The house I have designed for him incorporates a "solar wing roof" that enjoys maximum efficiency through the naturally ventilated "air gap" created between the roof and the solar panels of the "solar wing" itself. The house also incorporates an exterior louvre system (that is currently being developed and tested in Australia - a joint venture between a New Zealand louvre company and the Australian inventor). The louvre system not only shields out the sun via motorized louvres, but it also disappears when not required (for maximum view potential).